Apocalypse – the day after…

Chris leap-frogging his hasselblad

No this isn’t Hollands dopest new craze of DSLR leap-frogging! Just Chris in his rather dignified somalian shooting posture during our “Apocalypse ~ the day after” shoot.

We found this ideal location for this shoot,  just minutes from Chris’s studio and bundeled over the fence, equiptment and all! (why does it always feel sooooooo good whilst doing something your not supposed to?)

Anyway we scouted the area and quickly designated several ideal shot locations and got set up ready to shoot. This is where my “hunter, gatherer” instincts kick in and I start sniffing out long discarded objects that would fit seamlessly into the shot composition. After about 3 hours of rummaging through the charred remains of the building we had 3 decent apocalyptic shots.

Just 2 more to go but this called for a change in location so after piling everything into the van we shot off to the local fire department training facility to do some more melting!

We rushed the last 2 shots in about 45 mins flat seeing as the good man in charge wanted to lock up and go home for the day just as we arrived! bloody civil servant!

All in all it was a fun filled day out with a healthy dose of trespassing, pyromaniacy and noshing slightly charred marshmallow fluff  until we felt nauseous!

Check out the results in my “personal” portfolio file.